Painful Sacrifice


Have you ever had to sacrifice for someone who doesn’t deserve it?

Have you ever had to sacrifice for someone whom you know will not do the same for you?

Not easy.   Herrrr…  It is very painful.

Trust me, I know that feeling too well.  It is so painful.

And the worse one is….

Have you ever had to sacrifice for someone who you know, will not show gratitude or appreciation?

You feel so stupid and annoyed.

But the Question is,

Why do you even make that sacrifice?

Do you really have to?

What do you loose if you don’t do it?

And what do you gain if you do it.

Well, (with a lot ?) I am here to tell you that….

It’s ok to make that sacrifice.

You are not a fool.   You are not stupid.

In the long run, it is very satisfying to know that you did your best for humanity.

That is what makes you human

And God will reward you in a very undeserving way….

You are not a fool.  You are only being human and Godly.

Let go of that pain caused by the ingratitude of others towards you, despite your sacrifices.

Don’t let other people’s ungratefulness turn you into a bitter person.

What is life without having to make sacrifices?

Don’t block your blessings.  It’s not easy.  But God is Faithful.

One day, just one day, Your day of vindication will come.

Have a beautiful day and smile because you are beautiful.

#ABitOfMe.  Be inspired to be the best version of yourself. 

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