Oheneyere Gifty Anti

There is a ‘Dark Side’ to everything and everyone.

No matter how well intended the concept, idea, programme etc or person is, there are always those who will ‘work it to the dark side’.

There are those who will manipulate it to serve a certain dark or negative purpose or agenda.

Some call them extremists. Others call them Evil.

This week, may your eyes be opened to see and identify what is genuine and what is fake.

May your ears be sharp, to hear what is good and what has an ulterior motive.

May your nose be sensitive to smell good from Evil.

May your lips be smart to speak what is truth, factual, honest, objective and fair.

May your spirit be quickened to do what is good and pleasing in the eyes of God.

May you treat all humans with kindness and love.

May you soar above the rest.

And May you never forget the God factor.

May this week bring us goodness and mercy.

Stay focused and let not the ‘Noise’ sway or distract you.

Stay true to what you believe in. Your values, your principles.

I am Oheneyere Gifty Anti.

I urge you to Stay True to what you stand for and Who you are.

Choose to be on The Side of Light!!

God is Faithful!!!

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