23 Years On

By Oheneyere Gifty Anti


13th February 1997…

Just like today, I couldn’t sleep.

I was anxious and excited… because I was going to be the ‘Floor Manager’ for the first episode of the  first ever morning show on TV, in Ghana, the Breakfast Show on GTV. ?

My anxiety and sleeplessness resulted in me waking up early that day and getting to the studio well ahead of time.

It gave me the chance to position myself for the Opportunity that was to come.

That day instead of being a Floor Manager, I ended up being a Presenter on the first episode of the First Ever Morning show on TV, in Ghana. Smh.

This is definitely God.

23 years on, I have scars to show for my journey.

And oh I wear my scars beautifully, because they tell a beautiful story…

  1. A wealth of experience, lessons, mistakes made and failures.
  2. Over 40 Awards
  3. Well over 200 speaking engagements (platforms), both locally and internationally
  4. A mentor
  5. Role Model
  6. Feminist
  7. Philanthropist
  8. Executive producer and Host of my own show for almost 12 years
  9. Impacting lives
  10. Survived rumours, insults, accusations and hatred (sometimes curses).

After 23 years, I am still standing, being used by God to impact lives.

I started from the ‘floor’ and gradually God is setting me up on top of the ‘mountain’.

Dear one, don’t be afraid to start from the ‘floor’.

It’s ok to start from the ‘bottom’.   Just work hard, stay focused.  Take your chances, take calculated risks.  Prepare for that big opportunity, for you do not know when it will come.

Always know that God, always has something special for you.

Cheers to 23 years of being in your spaces, homes, offices etc, for appearing on your TV, uninvited. ??

Cheers to more years of being in your spaces.

It’s been God all along.

He who has started with you, will definitely travel the journey with you always.

He is never far from you.

I give all the Glory to God.

He is Faithful.

I continue my journey, holding on to my super Crazy Faith in God.

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