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THE STAND POINT is a TV programme which deals with issues affecting women; social, political, cultural, traditional, health, and leadership. Basically it provides the platform for women and sometimes men with a feminine side, to discuss and air their views on hitherto "taboo" topics.

The TV Programme represents the voiceless, and defenceless in society.

The TV Programme generally deals with human rights and social issues concerning women, children, and the vulnerable as well as socially excluded persons.

Panellists on the programme, mostly women discuss some of the challenges facing the socio-economic and political development of women and offer suggestions on how some of these challenges can be resolved. Some panellists also share their personal experiences to motivate and encourage others.

The TV Programme has aired on Ghana Television, GTV for TEN (10) years now. July 2018 was the 10th anniversary of The Standpoint.  It was also aired on OBE TV from 2009 -2010 and Klear TV, 2012 both on the Sky channel in UK.

Currently “The Standpoint” is being aired on ABN TV on SKY channel 195 across Western Europe, and Virgin TV Channel 842 in the UK. It is also streamed on www.thestandpoint.com.gh and on YouTube.

Due to its objectivity and clear focus, the TV Programme has over the past ten years attracted sponsors including Africa Women Development Fund (AWDF), an African based Funding organization for women’s right organizations to the programme.

The Standpoint and its host have won many awards since its inception in July 2008.


  • To serve as a platform and a positive mouthpiece for the voiceless; especially women, children and the socially excluded in Ghana, across Africa and beyond.
  • To champion and showcase the capabilities, challenges and successes of women from all walks of life.
  • To highlight issues affecting women and children in areas of health, education, employment, relationship, abuse in all its forms, building self-confidence and rediscovering their self-worth.

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